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The Twitstat Project


Bij de post: Gedichtenbundel ‘The Twitstat Project’ van @reckon en @theprhttp://moby.to/tfvrg5

Michiel Berger

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The Twitstat Project (now in limited edition and electric)


The Twitstat Project 

A collaborative double book of new/experimental poetry by Chris Weige and Renee Zepeda (Spring 2010). 

Published, designed, and edited by Renee Zepeda and The Pulchritudinous Press:

60 pages, hand-sewn binding, Strathmore-style paper, cherry vellum, personal stamp & bookmark.

Inspired in part by the Twitstat application, whereby users post 140 character messages via mobile phone to Twitter.

Printed in a special limited edition of 36 copies in Boulder, Colorado.

Cover art and photography by Chiai Matsumoto


Purchase a limited edition of The Twitstat Project 

Purchase the electronic PDF version 

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Twitter goes literary with Ulysses performance


NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Twitter, the social networking site favored by some celebrities, has gone high-brow with a performance from James Joyce’s 1922 novel “Ulysses.”

Two “Ulysses” enthusiasts, videogame designer Ian Bogost from the Georgia Institute of Technology and colleague Ian McCarthy, wanted to try to use the site in a culturally interesting way rather than just as a service that let users send 140-character messages, known as tweets.

They came up with idea of recreating a chapter from “Ulysses” on Twitter.

They chose chapter 10, Wandering Rock, which is famous for showing the interlocking events of 19 characters walking through central Dublin doing their daily business.

Bogost and McCarthy registered 54 of the novel’s characters as Twitter users and adapted the chapter in a large series of 140-character or less first-person statements, using a specially created software to automate a performance.

On June 16 or “Bloomsday,” the day the action in the novel takes place in 1904, these characters all sent tweets about what they were doing at the correct fictional times.

Bogost said the performance went smoothly although a few technical hiccups meant some characters were unable to take part.

“I think the project sheds a new light on Twitter by intermixing usual fare with these century-old characters,” said Bogost on his blog www.bogost.com.

“As for long-term literary uses of Twitter, it’s certainly a viable and interesting option.”

Every year “Bloomsday” is celebrated in Joyce’s home country of Ireland and in other English-speaking parts of the world with Joyce fans and scholars often retracing the characters’ steps.

(Reporting by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Miral Fahmy)

via reuters

Bloomsday on Twitter 

Photo by truck stop tea party


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via urlesque.tumblr.com: The king of Twitter isn’t amused.

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Robert Burns Poetry to be Twittered

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Nov. 2 (UPI) — The works of Robert Burns are being Twittered as part of the celebration of the Scottish poet’s 250th birthday.

Users can pick up short excerpts from Burns‘ works, along with factoids about the Ayrshire poet, The Scotsman reported. The National Trust for Scotland is behind the project.

“We like to find new ways of spreading the works of our national icons,” said the trust’s chairwoman, Shonaig Macpherson. “Twitter is an inexpensive and fun way to do that.”

Burns was born on a farm in Alloway, outside Ayr, Jan. 25, 1759. The trust is also involved in a renovation of the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Appropriately, one of Burns’ most famous poems was “To A Mouse,” an ode to a rodent disturbed by his plow that begins “Wee slickit cowerin’ timorous beastie.”

via UPI

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The Twitstat Poems II III.


The Twitstat Poems II.

(thus far untouched)

No starvation, Broadway

Cool beans feeling food with yr hands and feet

addicted you’ll get your fingernails dirty

and find food tastes better once you get to know it.

The spell lingers…

Satie made mincemeat of 200 hat boxes by using radio that never turns off.

I hear it’s home

farm feeling affirming years of far fun kites

organic food found hiding in stalks something real:

milk, money, missing parts.

i wanted a wound so you could heal me

Hear friends doing feeling found

esta everything is part party play

read safari, read the invitations made

most names mean something.

Smart stuff, network oil for the thinking town.

1. Pretty Reasons for Filming True Friends and Others

* Most already believe in love  * Most at least try to hear the missing thoughts  * Care  * Change  * Seriously better beer, and a lot of cool details

2. Lotsa Soup Means Awesome Noodle

* Listening live yeah, making new work, new words  * Ha ha here, dinner and a pantsless party  * in the cool country tonight  * you can join quietly or storm in  * wearing what you were born in

Sittin in that old metal folding chair

To to the peach tree whisper soft lips and scent

No no retreat from the long beach where bodies will not relent.

To to elaborate, Woman, it may be ok,

it may in any language taste the same when you call out fuck and game,

when you really drive it, and when yr soon

if you’re not getting wet the best kiss consumes

and you know you recognize it, and it you in your sexy room.

Van Halen and the record of La Roq

Money moments of course

on the other hand: if you think about it:

empty cameras painting your bedroom with someone else’s deck of magick cards.

Your cash, oil switch,

Your gruff wonderful words whose true name is Love.

Your bash belly-dancing curves.

Your non-stick non-stop walls vibrating in the impossible church.

_ C/W

Link man met the morning music feeling every note in the big picture show,

ever noting the strange stuff, the techie things ‘tween us,

old offers in the happy head trying to make it through feeling stupid,

trying to make it go dueling cupid and the throes, if you follow.

Damn, hope would not let me go despite my shriveling act only known as apathy-ego,

mr. cool-done-doing, mr. social something-or-other, mr. big ‘ol yesterday imagining a marvel

through the window leaning on the pane’s chipped paint.

_07 C/W

5.7 love wasn’t work / wasn’t isn’t old / but was is form more worthy. love wasn’t pointless storks / wasn’t isn’t bored / but was is born. either idea scores / big soundy star-stuff / free and prettier folklore / funny ladies made of statues casting shadows on identity / and love wasn’t hidden under floor or carpet dirt / wasn’t isn’t just a flirt / but was is written / on no heart left unhurt… i don’t know. you tell me.

_016 C/W 

actually, another near breakdown

another cool business call love

like yr the media listening in on every person’s thoughts

twisting simple meanings and might into long elitist magazine articles.


The Twitstat Poems III.

huge hope super-colored thinking everyone will be alright in making their sounds, in opening their sacks of light, picking their pretty peaches

whoa wonderstuff, big cool listening lotsa love,

something special in store, something free but worth much more,

something few and far between everything, open sesame doors

Globe CW / Reckon


Wrote a thing or two

watching warm wonderful wish

turned on by a book.

Globe-CW / Reckon


Ah haiku happened

to make happy the love notes

lost in the movie

Globe-CW / Reckon


agree anyway

agree away

sometimes it’s better not to look.

doesn’t it like a dog get you down?

the longing, the constant runaround,

screeching city sounds and same ol’ same ol’?

start thinking – yr in a rated x movie talking music but the dinosaurs have become a problem (they abuse it)

Globe-CW / Reckon


sleep, worker.

coffee up the mail the man a marketing plan;

it’s friday’s big account bin following all the fun at the chat barrel.

Globe-CW / Reckon

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The Twitstat Poems

The Twitstat Poems

April 27th

I’m compiling a collection of poems inspired in part by the Twitstat Twitter Twitgeist.

This is the first installment unedited.

_30 C/W Reckon_

already found fire and followed;
answer. answer anything (!) apparently awesome

when our minds met that night and sensed someone…
exactly: eyes bed better

yeah yedda (wow) and let life’s long looks sound something off for someone making happy sounds.

A:m exactly… give love the old photo party fix.

_30 C/W Reckon_


_(or ide’s wild)

(or Ida, Southwestern Child)_:

**she said the same in shanghai**

she wanted to walk on the wild side while wearing a full body condom;

hmmm…city comments: calm down,

look at the moist mountains in the backdrop

beyond the multiple hotels motels fountains and demo beds;

t.v. on the night-stand tomorrow trying again…


_31 C/W Reckon_

interesting ideas hmmm

adobe ah air

found a polite bug in the peekaboo project

cool china love in the u.s. made for free

feeling coffee today

thx for the feed

_31 C/W Reckon_

1. Online I am _completely_ myself
* Between the **ins and outs** there is no difference hmmm
* Out there in the air this morning I was haiku leaves
* And have felt just as free on flickr
2. Inspired, renewed
* Walls who watch the web werd fall happily
* In love so weak-kneed they slide down the sink
* Watching this my hands get the haha feeling. Behold:
3. Today I almost entered a cave on Bull Creek
* But a beautiful woman wouldn’t let me go
* Be bold her natural milk
* (…and she is neither fat nor old)

_07 C/W Reckon_

Look, Love (Music in the Morning)

add a friend already

beta better in bed

check the cargo going down

gotta hey hello mahalo

it’s a pretty show


_07 C/W Reckon_

another connection listening, and it looks like love

or why else would we be meeting in these gaps?

morning must make a dream reality, dreams that is

threaded like popcorn round a gift tree that is

sweating buttery sap.


_25 C/W Reckon_

I need a new bed already

a new bed another bed bad

enough to go down eating funlight

hey, let’s move your legs thataway

put yr feet on top of my while I

while I work the sweet spots thinking

tiempo what tiempo?

_25 C/W Reckon_

Ahora always another apple free. A writing storm and the tired headaches caught up to me.

Pretty but claustrophobic.

Big books like dinner.

_25 C/W Reckon_

might mellow tonight, porn video. quick whoa, waiting mellow woman. quick whoa listening love,

hot season enjoying menopause, jesus;

it’s a sweet trip testing the happy hill…

_25 C/W Reckon_

a little light felt so far away in the company of the cool dictionary.

a trip, um, to another place, a drive down webways watching Man get busy and tired

what the fuck – i just wanted to be able to read.

worth it | you better believe


_25 C/W Reckon_

mmm something rad i had while washing a window:

head and a buncha good squeeze, long sex lunch,

delicious watermelon striped panties in my spit.

_26 C/W Reckon_

Two love sleepy Sunday nova;

actually, folks: sweet-tipped pie.

a bird sings outside the window middle of night.

Yay and yum those are bread crumbs two actually taste.

_26 C/W Reckon_

Let me slide my elbow into the cup at the back of your knee

Measure if you will where my fingertips fit then

While I squeeze your left cheek

apart from the other on the right

Let me chew on the nails of your feet

two by two upwards til two fingers fit

into the grooves of your spine let me climb

down your shiny shoulder …

_26 C/W Reckon_

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The Beauty, Secrets and Utility of Twitter

The Beauty, Secrets and Utility of Twitter for Business

Lots of people laugh at Twitter, call it a waste of time and worse, and, that’s just fine with me. While they’re laughing, I’m learning, listening, meeting, and enjoying a global view of an endless flow of creative thought – 140 characters at a time…[Continue reading here.]

via What’s Next | B.L. Ochman

The above is from B.L. Ochman’s business blog, but I’m posting here with the hope that those who aren’t in marketing, tech, or business per se might be moved to sign up and join the conversations, offer their sage advice, and share a little of the priceless mundane with the rest of us.

Follow me on Twitter if you’d like.  I’ve taken to calling it Twitter University after my uninformed, inexperienced knee-jerk reaction upon first hearing about the service.  Now I consider it an essential learning and communication tool (and then some).  Highly recommended.

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