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Madlib’s High Jazz – Medicine Show #7

Madlib's High Jazz - Madlib Medicine Show #7

  • July 27, 2010



Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz is officially released today. Our limited edition 3/LP vinyl have been shipped, and the CD will ship this week. The digital download of the album is now available as well, including a PDF version of the CD book.

High Jazz is produced entirely by Madlib, an album of jazz tracks created with Madlib’s group of musicians and collaborators collectively known as Yesterdays Universe.

Below are some shots of the CD book, and photos taken at the Hit+Run studio where the 3/LP covers were created. The image lists all of Madlib’s jazz groups associated with High Jazz, split up among 9 album covers, with additional images from synth & keyboards (Arp, Wurlitzer, Rhodes Seventy-Three). These 3/LP sets are limited to 1400 copies – now sold out from Stones Throw’s store, but available while they last at Fat Beats and all our other usual spots.

Next up is the companion piece to High Jazz, the mixtape Madlib Medicine Show #8: Advanced Jazz.





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Symphony No. 4 (Columbia, 1965)


via Project Thirty-Three

The album covers featured on Project Thirty-Three were collected, scanned and archived by Jive Time Records, a Seattle based store specializing in used vinyl.

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Project Thirty-Three: Your Keys To Success (Olivetti, 1968)


Uncredited design for Olivetti Underwood typewriter course on LP.

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Tone Poems of Color


Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color is a 1956 album of tone poems composed by eight notable mid-20th century Hollywood arrangers, with each composition inspired by the poetry of Norman Sickel.


Design by Saul Bass


via Project Thirty Three

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Vinyl record grooves under electron microscope

Chris Supranowitz is a researcher at The Insitute of Optics at the University of Rochester. Along with a number of other spectacular studies (such as quantum optics, trapping of atoms, dark states and entanglement), Chris has decided to look at the grooves of a vinyl record using the institute’s electron microscope


Here is a shot of a number of record grooves (the dark bits are the top of the grooves, i.e. the uncut vinyl):



The grooves magnified 500x – the little bumps are dust on the record:


And here’s a single groove even closer still, magnified 1000 times:


Chris also did the pits in a CD – here’s what they look like, just for contrast:


Chris decided to take the whole electron microscope image one step further, and created a blue/red 3-dimensional image of the record groove! So, if you have a pair of 3D glasses (sorry, the ones you got from watching Avatar won’t work – you need red on the left, blue on the right), throw them on and take a look at this amazing picture:



via SynthGear | Chris Supranowitz




How vinyl records are produced (via Discovery):


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