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Dogpark? Nay…

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Daydreams and Memories

Rather Curious | The Art of Michael Summers


Selected paintings from the Daydreams and

Daydreams and Memories:


Beauty, Advancement, and the
Unforeseen Casualties of Progress.

Humankind’s need to organize and improve seems to be almost
instinctive, yet with our continued advances there are often unforeseen
casualties. This series of paintings is about the relationship between time
and memory in a rapidly advancing world. Rarely-looked-for and, therefore,
rarely-truly-seen, the abandoned homes, automobiles, warehouses and other
byproducts of progress litter our contemporary surroundings and provide the
settings for this series of paintings. Perhaps unexpectedly, even these
abandoned and dilapidated shells possess an element of simple beauty and
solitude for those who are willing to look. The delicate and meticulous
elegance and grandeur of the late 18th and early 20th century figures
contrasts with the elusive, yet compelling aesthetic of the backgrounds. Yet,
even though it is obvious that these women do not belong in the modern age,
these figures inhabit their world with assurance, as if they know something
about their particular reality that eludes us. Many of them stare out at us
knowingly, beckoning or even challenging the viewer, as if daring us to
explore the quiet, mysterious, and occasionally beautiful settings which they
occupy so casually and confidently.

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