Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine


1960’s Texas Music:

Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine

1019 Commerce


Love Street photo courtesy theHAIF

“Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine opened on June 3rd 1967. The bands included the Red Crayola, the Starvation Army Band and Fever Tree. The audiences sat at tables or in the Zonk-Out, a series of cushions with back rests.

Despite being open barely three years it hosted a who’s who of Texas psych: the Red Krayola, Erickson’s Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Johnny Winter, Bubble Puppy, Shiva’s Headband, Fever Tree, Gibbons’s pre-ZZ Top band Moving Sidewalks and American Blues, featuring his future bandmates Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. Appropriately enough, it was also the site of ZZ Top’s first shows on July 4 and 5, 1969.

David Adickes was the original owner/manager/light show projectionist. Sgt. Cliff Carlin came on board to manage it by late ’67. Adickes sold the club outright to Carlin later. By ’69 (perhaps earlier) International Artists had a stake in it as well. Love Street tried to branch out into Corpus Christi and San Antonio with little success, and closed down in Houston on June 6, 1970.”

via Scarlet Dukes

hat tip The New Paradigm

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